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    How to Prepare a Child to Read the Bible

    "One of the best gifts you’ll ever give to your children is familiarity with the Bible and its message. Give them a Bible they enjoy, give them an example to follow, give them a compelling motive, give them a clear, manageable plan, give them questions to ask the Bible, give them answers to their questions about the Bible, give them encouragement to keep reading, and give them grace in their … [Read more...]

    How To Teach Kids Numbers 1 to 10

    "All parents and teachers know, to teach toddlers numbers is not always as easy as 1, 2, 3. Being creative is essential in making sure little ones are having fun while learning the all important skill of counting. Using a variety of visual, auditory, physical, and interactive activities is the best way to make sure preschoolers don’t get too frustrated or feel like they’re being … [Read more...]

    5 Things Parents Should Look for on Child Care Resumes

    "Perhaps you chose to stay home to raise kids. Or maybe a family member was unwell and needed your care and attention for several months or years." Finding the right person to care for your little one is a daunting task. You want someone with Mrs. Doubtfire’s nurturing nature and Mary Poppins’ sunny disposition. But that’s no easy feat. After you’ve scoured the four corners of the Earth … [Read more...]

    Reasons Why You Need a Baby Bottle Sterilizer

    "Nurturing your child is possible in so many possible ways. Keep your babies from harm and protect them from any other health risks through baby bottle cleaning. It doesn't really matter whether you pick a machine to wash baby bottles or you choose to clean them by hand." https://www.healthybabyhappyearth.com Baby bottle sterilizers assist in keeping your baby bottles ready for use. Once … [Read more...]

    The one lesson you all must teach your kids!

    "If you have young kids, giving thanks together before bedtime or around the dinner table can help develop a healthy and loving attitude toward life. For older kids, let them learn from your habits: Make thanking others an everyday practice for you, and they’ll follow suit. Tell people what a good job they do, how kind they are, or how fabulous they look—as long as it's absolutely … [Read more...]

    Second-Born Children Are More Likely to Be Troublemakers Than Their Siblings

    "Recent research reveals most parents have a?favourite child, and it’s usually the eldest.?Now, it seems second-born children are also ripped off when it comes to behaviour, with a new study saying they’re more likely to be troublemakers than their?siblings.?So what if you’re the second-born child? Are you doomed to a life of trouble? Not so—as with every study, take this one with a grain of salt … [Read more...]

    Choosing The Best Potty Chair For Your Beloved Child

    "The quest for the perfect potty chair must start once the child has begun to demonstrate a desire for the potty training process. It is very important shop early, because there are a huge quantity of potty chairs in the marketplace nowadays. There are many crucial things that every parent need to buy, however a potty chair is among the most important of those purchases. It is important for … [Read more...]

    Methods on Choosing the Right Mattress for a Child

    "Most families will agree that kids have different needs, let alone preferences, on the things they normally use including their mattresses.The best mattress for kids is not the same thing as the best mattress for an adult. There are lots of things you must consider in choosing the best mattress that suits the needs of children. Here are the key factors you ought to give priority to when you're … [Read more...]

    Reading and Storytelling With Babies and Children

    Sharing stories and fairy tales are one of the most enjoyable parts of parenting. When parents and children read together, children develop a love of reading that can last a lifetime. It is such a rewarding and beautiful gift to endow a child the gift of literacy. Reading aloud and sharing stories with your child is a great way to spend time together. Reading and storytelling also helps promote … [Read more...]

    Moving With Kids – Tips Ways to Make It Easier

    Moving has become one the biggest cause of stress and anxiety. Moving with little ones can be yet another stress. Whether moving out of town or maybe in the neighborhood, children and teens commonly aren't delighted by this event. Commonly they behave by causing problems, undergo swift changes in moods and get emotional. Yet, you can consider these tips to help make the process less stressful for … [Read more...]