7 Reasons to Love a (Rustic) Loveseat

The design choice of one’s furniture may speak volumes about one’s taste, one’s admiration for the art and for the intrinsic quality of the space they inhabit. One quite interesting and attractive type of furniture is the rustic furniture which shares both modernistic as well as olden traits.”

Rustic Loveseat #1177 by La Lune Collection small

“Loveseat” traditionally refers a small sofa or couch, the term most likely stemming from the fact that its diminutive size will accommodate only two people for comfortable seating. First gaining popularity during the Victorian era, the upside of the loveseat then was that it allowed courting couples to sit close enough to each other to converse, and yet still not touch – making it the perfect answer to the need for “decency” as required by the social norms of the day.

Today, loveseats are the perfect answer to the need for beautiful, comfortable seating options in a smaller size, and La Lune Collection offers?many reasons to love the loveseat.?Below are seven such reasons, including one that swings through the air!


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